Why is the Domino Designer Help not enough?

The Domino Designer Help serves good while developing in the Domino Designer. They are tightly integrated speaking about the auto-complete feature of editors for the formula language and LotusScript.

However, there is usually other IDE used for the development of external applications integrating Domino via the Notes API for Java. Such IDEs integrate the most common format of the source code documentation for Java - packed sources and packed javadoc documentation. These sources are used to display a context-sensitive help for the classes and methods from the corresponding Java package.

While IBM does not provide a package with the javadoc documentation for the Notes API for Java every searching for an information about a class or method means opening the Domino Designer Help and looking for an answer there.

There is more lost then only the convenience; there are other productivity features which are standard today and which are not available with the Domino Designer Help. See further.

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